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Passio Consulting is now an areto group company

We are pleased to announce that the areto group with its headquarters in Cologne, are joined by the renowned Data Analytics consulting company Passio Consulting, based in Lisbon, Portugal. This strategic merger opens up a wealth of new opportunities and represents a major step towards growth and expansion for both companies.

With over 50 consultants and 350 projects across Europe and North America, Passio Consulting brings passion to the data analytics world. Passio Consulting has built an excellent reputation over the years by providing comprehensive data analytics consulting services to its clients, helping them to make better, easier, and more data-driven decisions. By becoming part of the areto group, Passio Consulting will be able to benefit from areto's long-standing experience and expertise in this field and further expand its presence in the global market.

The merger will bring several benefits to the customers of both companies:

  1. Expanded service portfolio: The combination of Passio Consulting and the areto will enable a broader range of IT services and solutions across the board. As a result, customers will benefit from an expanded service portfolio and their needs will be even better met.

  2. Greater expertise: Combining the expertise of both companies creates a team of professionals capable of tackling complex IT challenges and providing customers with world-class advice and innovative solutions.

  3. Global presence: The merger of Passio Consulting and the areto group creates a global network that gives clients greater access to international markets and resources.

  4. Synergies and increased efficiency: The merger will create synergies between the companies and optimize work processes. As a result, clients will benefit from faster and more efficient project delivery.

  5. Long-term customer relationships: The shared vision and values of both companies create the basis for long-term and mutually trusting customer relationships. The focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality service remains unchanged.


With the integration of Passio Consulting into the areto group, a new era of cooperation and growth begins. "It is an honour for us to become part of the professional family of the areto group. The goal is to become one of the greatest companies in data analytics in Europe together” said Paula de Oliveira, Co-founder and Managing Director at Passio Consulting.

The CEO of areto group Jan Strackbein also welcomed the new colleagues and expressed his anticipation for future projects "We are going further strengthened into the future and can implement our strategy even better with our new partner Passio Consulting and are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation".

We are convinced that this merger will significantly enhance the specialist services of both companies and bring unique benefits to our customers. Using the areto agile framework, reference architectures and proven implementation methodology both Passio Consulting and the areto group offer full-stack services for digital transformation. Partnering with over 20 market leaders, Passio Consulting and areto offer the right technologies with the right people for the right solution.

We are excited about the future together and look forward to continuing to deliver excellent IT solutions and services to our clients and making decisions better every day.

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