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Microstrategy new features for 2020

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

With the arrival of the new year, the technological innovations of the major brands in the BI sector also arrive.

One of the biggest apps, MicroStrategy, recently presented its news for 2020, which promises to streamline and improve the 2019 version in many ways.

Here are some of the main technologies and capabilities in this new release:


HyperIntelligence is a technology that injects BI information into websites, applications and devices that are used by users on a daily basis.

Through HyperIntelligence it is possible to have access to instant information about people, places, email products that define your business. This feature goes a step further with support for contextual links within the card header. These links turn cards into truly dynamic objects, which allow users to take immediate actions directly on a card.

A user can click on a card link to approve an employee review, decline a loan application, or freeze a credit account that exhibits potentially fraudulent behaviour.

MicroStrategy 2020 features two new by-products that make HyperIntelligence more accessible than ever:

HyperMobile and HyperOffice.

HyperMobile is a new application available for iOS and Android that works on tablets and smartphones.

Through the application, it is possible to synchronize the calendar with the cards.

With HyperMobile, a user can simply navigate to the application's calendar section and instantly access the relevant cards that correspond to the keywords originating in the title, description and list of participants for their upcoming events.

With HyperOffice it is possible to take advantage of the email features within Microsoft Outlook. This capability allows users to take advantage of HyperIntelligence cards to find relevant contextual information in their emails and workflows by consolidating a variety of corporate data into small size views that are injected directly into the Outlook application.


Another novelty is the possibility of combining HyperIntelligence cards with the Barcode / QR Code scanner to obtain information in real-time.

Example of s the possibility of combining HyperIntelligence cards with the Barcode / QR Code scanner to obtain information in real time.

Badge (Access Card)

Users with iPhone XS and iPhone XR can take advantage of NFC support in the background to access ports via NFC without having to have the application in the foreground. This allows users to simply tap their device on the NFC tag without requiring the additional step of starting the application.

New Connectors

MicroStrategy 2020 provides connectors for Tableau, Qlik and Power BI. Users of these tools can now take advantage of these connectors to connect to controlled, reliable information across the enterprise directly through MicroStrategy.

Tableau, Power BI and Qlik users can import data twice as fast, thanks to improvements and API optimisation in the connectors.

Tableau, Power BI and Qlik users can import data twice as fast

MicroStrategy for Jupyter and RStudio

MicroStrategy 2020 introduces a new SKU designed for data scientists that groups two previously separate products into a single offering: MicroStrategy for Jupyter and MicroStrategy for RStudio. Data scientists can now bring reliable, controlled data from MicroStrategy directly into their predictive analytics projects to build better models. With these new connectors, users can extract attributes and metrics from various MicroStrategy applications or projects through a graphical Jupyter Notebook or RStudio interface.

News in Dossiers

Custom maps

In the 2020 version it is possible to customize maps of regions that do not exist in the standard version.

It is possible to create a dossier workflow through links that link detailed information.

Example of a dossier workflow through links that link detailed information

With this ability, it is possible to answer several questions based on only one aggregating dossier that invokes other dossiers and can respond to prompts that filter the information to be consulted, creating a drill effect that will make responding quickly and in conjunction with the information.

Composite Tables

Another of the great news is the possibility of creating composite tables, something that has existed for many years in the web version, but which in the dossier version was not possible until now. With this functionality, we can combine different attributes and metrics that are not related and combine them in a single grid, creating a 360 view of the data, creating relationships and finding connections in the same grid.

Composite Tables,

Free-form layout

With MicroStrategy 2020, analysts can organise and overlay views, filters, selectors, images and HTML containers. Each container can be positioned independently, sized and used in layers on each page.

Free-form layout

by Gonçalo Ricardo

Business Intelligence Consultant @Passio Consulting

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