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The power of a hobby

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

“Study, get a job” but no one tells you to get a hobby!

I am blessed: my family, friends and co-workers know the importance of my hobby in my personal and professional life! Something that is essential for me since I was a little boy. My hobby? I am into sports! However, let us not talk about sports as a hobby, but a hobby as a sport! Confused? Hope no! Some years ago, I read an article about the importance of having a hobby! Your job is important, but you must have something that you are deeply committed outside your work! Something that can turn your brain off from the professional day-to-day reality! You can have "two loves" at the same time: yes, it is ok! They can coexist! If you like ballet, go for it! If computer games are your thing: why not as a hobby? You are into cooking? Embrace it! Photography? Amazing! Do you want to dance Salsa? Yes, this one is going to put you really outside your comfort zone! But: accept the challenge! Having a busy day at work? Have to work extra hours? Stop a few hours from the chaos. Go do your hobby! Come back: You are going to feel a little bit more "tired", but more relaxed and with lots of positive energy. "There are always a million reasons not to do something". 

by Filipe Louro

Data Analyst Consultant @ Passio Consulting

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