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The Data Warehouse concept includes data integration and, conceptual, logical, and physical data models to support business goals and information business needs.

Data Warehouse (DW) is a data repository that provides a unique and comprehensive view of current and historical data and is critical for a successful Business Intelligence initiative.

Creating a DW requires Mapping data between systems, from source to target as well as capturing details of those transformations into a metadata repository.


In creating a Data Warehousing Architecture, the following patterns must be addressed: 

  • Architectural: Hub and Spoke, BUS, Hybrid

  • Data Design: Data Structure & Modeling, Data Storage & DBMS

  • Data Management: Key Management, Time Variance

  • Data Integration Technology & Techniques: ETL, Data Virtualisation, Acquisition, Transformation, Cleansing, Database Loading

  • Data Usage: Access, Analysis, Management

(source: Dave Wells)

Keep in mind that, “The success of organisations depends on the intelligent use of available information”.

(Peter Druker).



Business Intelligence (BI) is a strategic initiative that aims to provide the right information, at the right time, in the right format to generate action, and for What? For decision-making purposes.

Decision making (actions) based on useful information is Key to Value generation, for business decision optimisation and for companies performance. Based on the best of business intelligence, and Data Visualisation standards and User Experience best practices, we build analytic solutions that enable you to control and monitor your business effectively.

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