Descubra se os dados também vão de férias no mais recente artigo do nosso colega Rui Gonçalves, Diretor da área de Business Consulting.

Neste excerto está a resposta, mas para saber porquê, convidamos a ler todo o artigo. “… Should then be the case that, in these kinds of situations, data also goes on vacation? Meaning that must less data is collected and must less analysis is need during, for example, Summer? Can we give a little rest to our daily activities as data scientists? My answer is no. I’m not saying that we can’t have some days off so that we can enjoy some quality time with the people we care. I’m saying that during holidays data will continue to land in our systems and we have to continue to explore it, analyze it and produce knowledge based on it. More relevant, is that this data will give new insights, different for the ones that are gathered during normal working periods – even if people continue doing some of their normal activities, like buying consumers goods, requesting services or accessing different systems, they are doing it within different behaviors, and are these new behaviors that represent a valuable opportunity to drive actionable knowledge for each organization…”

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