Profit Leakage Control

We increase your Results by Recovering Lost Revenue.

Our Profit Leakage Control solutions detect, analyze, and address anomalies and losses in the revenue and value chain costs so that your bottom line increases. The added value of these solutions translates into not only providing how much we are losing but also more importantly where we are losing. This way we can change our systems and eliminate losses.


Through an automatic continuous audit process to information residing in information systems, alerts are generated from anomalous situations. These alerts are addressed within the organization to those who have the responsibility to correct them. Each anomaly is valued , so it can quantify any losses at any time.

Passio Consulting is a Wedo Technologies Certified Partner for the RAID solution implementation .
RAID is a enterprise business assurance solution, the purpose of which is to secure the business, which, through a continuous and automatic auditing process, eliminates losses. This is one of the solutions that we implement and that guarantees us an effective Profit Leakage Control .

Key Features

  • Information reconciliation
  • KPI’s and Balanced Scorecard
  • Alarm Generation and Management
  • Research Tools
  • Case Management
  • Incident management workflow
  • Interactive dashboard

Your winnings

  • Loss, fraud and abuse detection
  • Revenue recovery
  • Immediate action to prevent loss or fraud
  • Reduces procedural bottlenecks
  • Quick anomaly resolution