Passio Consulting

Passio Consulting is a company specialized in the management and development of information systems and technology based. We assume that we are a technology services consultancy , focused on planning and implementing management solutions , geared towards different clients, contexts and needs.

We aim to provide a service of excellence and value to our customers and partners, and to attract, retain and develop talent .

The standards of quality and excellence that we have accustomed to our clients and partners result from the combination of values, skills, ambition and professionalism of their most important asset: THE PEOPLE.

In everything we do we are guided by our Values:


The passion for what we do and how we do it is reflected in our results as well as in the relationship we have with our clients and vice versa.


At Passio Consulting we believe that in order to ensure excellence in our services we must meet the expectations of our customers, guaranteeing quality service and customer satisfaction.


Trust is precious, delicate, and essential in a healthy business relationship. We work every day so that our customers feel confident and trust us.


The constant updating and training of our team allows us to be always at the forefront both in the services we provide and in the way we do, making us the leading company that we are today.


The national and international experience accumulated in more than 15 years in various sectors of activity and the more than 100 projects completed in each area give us the certificate of competence that our clients are looking for.


To enable companies with the highest levels of productivity, competitiveness and sustainability, in the national and international markets, through the provision of consulting services in the areas of management and implementation of information systems, assuring profitability and social responsibility, enabling the growth of business, to a fair distribution of wealth by employees, partners and shareholders.


Being a recognized company in the delivery of technological solutions and management, of high added value for organizations.